The Road to Hell


Last week we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  For the first time since our first wedding anniversary we watched our wedding video.  It was hysterical, and a little emotional. 

First, let me say I am sorry to my bridesmaids.  Irridescent salmon taffeta.  Really?  What was I thinking?  Even Grace, who is 5, asked me “Mommy, why did you make them wear white shoes?”  Why indeed?  Yea, sorry.  I probably can’t say it enough.  Sorry.

A shout out to my mom, who we decided wins best dressed.  She looked lovely (check out my shoulder pads).  Especially when surrounded by salmon taffeta.  

 I was unprepared to see all the grandparents on tape, and had a good cry when we got to the part where Grandpa Joe had me kiss his lump (he would put his tongue in his cheek and tell us to kiss the lump).  It was good to see all the family there, and to remember some of the best parts of the day.

There are so many details I had forgotten – how when we had a reading from Kahlil Gibran when it says “may the winds of heaven blow between you” they did, or the rainbows that kept popping up in the sky.  But the best, the very best, is how we got to the end, starting walking back down the aisle all happy and married to the musical stylings of Randy Travis.  Not “I’m going to love you forever and ever” as we planned, but to “Good Intentions” – which goes a little like this “I hear tell the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  I wish I had heard that song before I picked out the dresses. 

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2 Responses to The Road to Hell

  1. jennie says:

    I was just thinking about your wedding the other day. Well, mostly about the dress I wore to your wedding. It was almost the exact same style as the bridesmaids (which made me feel very cool, since I was still in high school and the rest of you were so much older (read: cool)… but mine was red with white polka dots. I’m not sure why my mom let me buy it, or why my dad let me wear it…but now I wonder how I’l explain to Sophie why I thought it was so smashing. And why my hair was permed. And in a banana clip.

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    I loved you in that dress, and as for the banana clip – well, you were in good company.  The people in orange dresses, that is.

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