A better morning

This morning when I went to wake Grace up, she was all rolled up in her quilt like a cocoon.  So I snuggled up and gave her a little love talk about being my sleepy little pupa.  She thought that was pretty funny (kudos to Mrs. Aguirre, her kindergarten teacher, for teaching Grace what a pupa is), but she refused to emerge, yet.  I can wait, but I think when she is ready, she is going to be a beautiful butterfly.

At this point you are probably thinking “Hello!  Don’t you have 2 children? Did Andra run off with the gypsies?” Nope – she is right here.  Apparently, it is her week to be positively perfect.  It will change, of course, but for now, I am just loving my “get up, get ready, make her sister breakfast” girl. 

Met with a seriously hung over pool designer this morning.  Bad news: So not getting his best work.  Good news:  Hello!  Pool!

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