Her turn

Andra woke up this morning and told me “I had the best dream.  I dreamed I helped so many animals I got to go on national television to remind people to spread peace and help the earth.”  Somedays, I don’t know where she comes from.  She is all dreamer.  She has been positively delightful these days, and continues to be the most thoughtful member of our family.  She is always making plans, and making lists, thinking of how she can help people.  Today we went to the desert museum, and her comment was this: “Mom, the thing I like about the desert museum is that it is fun, but also educational.”  Indeed.

If it is cold where you are, and you notice our attire – sunny and 77 degrees. Go Tucson.


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1 Response to Her turn

  1. Jacki says:

    Her beautiful spirit lives on. Thanks for sharing her with us!

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