Something Steamier

Move over Mr. Clean, now there’s something steamier!  I have replaced Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as my favorite cleaning product.  Welcome Scunci Steamer

My grout is disgusting, and I hired someone to come clean it, but when I told Phil it was going to be $1,200 he decided that was a dumb idea.  Yea, for who?  But since generally I do what ever he says (why? I ask myself, why?) I canceled.  The grout is not improving by itself, so I threw down $49 for the Scunci Steamer to give that a try.  I laid a base of OxiClean, Grace’s favorite commercial endorsement (she is always suggesting we OxiClean things – clearly she watches way too much TV) and then took off with the steamer.  Now that it is dry, I have to say it is beautiful.  My trigger finger (O.K. the whole arm) is pretty sore, and my thighs are a little quivery from squatting so much, and it will probably take me many, many hours to do 1800 square feet of tile.  Did I mention I need to seal it now? 

And in spite of the fact that I am generally a slovenly housekeeper, I think the Scunci Steamer could turn me around.  Something like slowing to see a bad accident, or wanting everyone in the family to taste the sour milk (“oh, this is bad, taste it”), the steamer finds grime I didn’t know I had.  Must find more.  Must steam the filth. In addition to the grout, so far I have steamed inside the dishwasher, the grill to the refrigerator and inside the drain to the sink. 

I was going to include a picture of the side by side results, but Phil has become prideful and has forbidden me.  Too bad for you I do what he says, because it is really gross.  You should come see it.

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2 Responses to Something Steamier

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    When are you coming to Minnesota and will you bring your magic with you?

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    2 things – I think Jennie’s toilet might need the magic if Sophie is going to play in it. That, and I had you in mind when I was writing this (not because of your grout lines) because I was going to admit I was a slut, and figured if anything, you would understand and get a good laugh, but I didn’t want everyone to get the wrong idea. It really is a nice word in the original form (if you don’t know go look it up people – Jane and I already know what it meant in the early days).

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