Tiny Equations from HELL!


Am I the only person who still has nightmares about forgetting my locker combination?  I don’t dream about being naked at school, I dream I can’t find my locker or get to class on time and some evil math teacher fails me because I couldn’t get to class with my books because I didn’t know my locker combination.  I don’t know what that says about me, but I am 37 and I still dream about getting lost in the halls of high school.

Tonight Grace came home and said “Mom, my teacher really needs those things she sent home last week, like tomorrow.”  I have no idea what she is talking about.  This is the stuff of my nightmares – I have somewhere to be and I am not there.  Someone needs from me, and I can’t deliver.  I have a vague recollection of a white bag full of paper (since Grace has told me it was a white bag full of paper over and over with that pleading “don’t disappoint me” face), and like most days I probaby saw the bag, looked around for witnesses, and seeing none, I tucked the paper under the recycle pile.  Grace is always bringing home 27 million coloring pages or papers.  So now I panic.  What the hell did Ms. Aguirre want from me, and how could I be so irresponsible that I don’t even know what it is?

Unlike in my dreams, in the middle of emptying Grace’s backpack I find a Tiny Equation Book.  So I frantically run it to Grace and say “This?  Is this what I was supposed to make?”  She told me yes, and I sure hope she’s right, because I just made 96 Tiny Equation books using my best Excel, scissor and stapling skills and now my hand is too cramped to spend the rest of the night steaming grout as I had originally planned.  The things we do for love.

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5 Responses to Tiny Equations from HELL!

  1. jennie says:

    I don’t have the locker combination dream, but I often dream that it’s the end of a college term and I find out that I forgot to “officially” withdraw from a class and will now fail unless I ace the final.Is that a devil that Grace drew on the cover of her Tiny Equation book? What does that mean?

  2. Grammy says:

    Is this “bag of papers” similar to other “bags of things” Grace collects? Mom, how could you not remember “The Bag”?!Dreams of being unprepared? Calling Dr. Freud!

  3. Sharon Mendoza says:

    Jenine…you crack me up. Elsa has turned me on to your blog and I am loving it. I called her tonight and we read some of it together. We couldn’t stop giggling. You are so talented and funny even with your skinny little legs. I don’t know if Grace ever told you, but you so closely resemble one of my nearest and dearest friends it is uncanny. Your looks, mannerisms, wit…you two could be sisters. You must already know how much we love hanging out with Grace all day. She is constant entertainment, smart, refreshing, and funny. Both of my kids have come to school with me and both have said that hands down Grace is their favorite. Do they have good taste or what?! Loved the “little equation book” drama. I guess I caused some of it because I was the one that stuffed the bag into Gracie’s backpack. When she said, “My Mom will be glad to do it.” We were just sure she meant it. hee hee.

  4. vetrolet says:

    I’m afraid of radiation! What should I do?

  5. teens says:

    Today is going to learn to swim. Even though I was 20 years

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