On Saturday I got a little cranky while running around my messy house wrapping presents for Grace’s friend’s birthday party with Phil walking around after me asking us to go camping after the party.  I suppose I was a little more dramatic than necessary when I contemplated my need to steam the rest of the grout and clean the house over the weekend, if I was to add packing for a camping trip, much less going on a camping trip. Turns out a day sitting in the dirt, picking up pine cones and hanging out in the trees was just what I needed.  It was very relaxing (until we got home).

When we got home, Andra got a little dramatic asking when she could get her ears pierced and when I gave her the dismissive “someday when you are ready” answer, it came out in a big teary stream that Gabby got her ears pierced this week, and everyone else already has their ears pierced and she will never have her ears pierced because I won’t let her.  And so it starts.  Everyone is doing it.  I guess I am not ready for her to have pierced ears, but I suppose we will have to discuss it before she turns 20.  Darn.

And then tonight, in addition to Grace reading at bedtime (Kitten’s First Full Moon, one of my favorites) she decided to act it out as well.  Tumbling down the stairs, climbing the trees, complete with the bowl of milk.  Then she threw in a turkey book with all the gobble gobbles.  Performance art at its finest.

Drama all around. 

UPDATE:    I found the tiny equation books papers – Yea!  I didn’t just recycle them.  They were still at school.  In a white bag. There will be bountiful equations for all.

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1 Response to Theatrics

  1. Valla Dalrymple says:

    Wait until she asks to shave her legs! Will her dramatics match mine?!

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