No good deed

First let me thank you all for validating me. I feel better today, and it was nice to hear from those of you who threw a little extra sunshine my way.  I was a little grumpy the last few days, but today it all got better, I think.

See, I had a few good sips of bad mining office coffee and sat down at my desk.  Phone ringing (big excitement for me these days since it never rings any more) and it is Grace.  Momentary panic, look at clock, 8:05, she’s only been there for 25 minutes.  She needs a skirt.  She is dancing in the talent show and needs her “outfit” for a dress rehearsal.  She mentioned she needed it before school, and I ignored her – she’s 5.  Dress rehearsal?  She is very traumatized, but I tell her I am not leaving work to bring her the skirt.  By the way, it was just her self imposed dress rehearsal, not the whole show’s dress rehearsal.

More coffee, a little work.  Phone rings. Big excitement, and its Grace again.  Really needs the skirt.  Upset, starting the crying “I have to have the skirt, Mom, and I tried to tell you yesterday but you didn’t hear me  because you were FIGHTING WITH  DADDY”.  Glad she said it loud enough for the student teacher and teacher’s aide to hear, now they will worry about poor sweet Grace with the neglectful mommy and fighting parents.   For 5 minutes I can’t shake her off the phone – she can’t concentrate or listen because she is so upset about the skirt.  I tell her I will try to come at lunch just to get her off the phone.

So I decide “What the heck?”  Where else do I have to go?  So I stop by home, get the skirt, go to school.  Hear helicopters the whole way (click the link on this one). Give her teacher a new book I love by my favorite kids author Lane Smith (John, Paul, George and Ben), and feel like I have done a good deed or two.  See the principal, have her call me on my offer to help with the PTO next year.  Decide to go to McDonald’s at Grant and Silverbell for a quick burger.  Did anyone want to tell me that there is no more Grant and Silverbell?  Massive water main break, closed all directions.  Crawl up to McDonald’s, closed for renovations.  Slink along Greasewood to Speedway totally out of my way, realize I spaced administrative professionals day, get call from ignored administrative professional to tell me the file cabinet I ordered showed up but since I locked my office when I left they couldn’t actually deliver it and the other “gently used” file cabinets I ordered for someone else were more like “gently beat to hell”.  Go to Burger King drive through and pay in dimes and nickels since I have no cash, apparently. Realize how much I hate trial and error, I would seriously prefer to just be right all the time.

My motto for the day was clearly “No good deed goes unpunished”.  All I wanted to do was help Grace, and now I am co-treasurer of the PTO (wouldn’t want to trust me to just be treasurer by myself), have too much information on the Grant/Silverbell street closure, have neglected my administrative professional and appear incapable of purchasing quality office furniture.  At least I had my coffee and my friends are reading my blog. 

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