Stealing from the family

I am stealing today from my cousin, Jennie.  She is the inspiration for my blog, since she got one first.  She consulted with me on naming and constructing my blog.  And this week, I am not only taking her ideas and free advice, but I am taking her actual entry.  Periodically she throws this photo around and I used to think she was making it up, but it turns out I am actually descended from the same gene pool as these ladies.  I believe they are my Dad’s aunts. Jennie’s posting has this photo and talks about how she blames the Niles genes for a lot, but I think she also takes some comfort in knowing what the future holds for her, if history repeats itself. 

Jennie is looking forward to big boobs, loud dresses, and life in the trailer park.  Unfortunately, no amount of life living can probably bring big boobs to my future, but I can certainly have the dresses and the real estate.  I think I saw a skirt just like the middle dress at Target last week, and I am pretty sure they sell a similar necklace and handbag, and we did buy that trailer last year, so who says I need to wait?  If I can steal Jennie’s ideas then I suppose stealing 3 Niles women’s sense of style shouldn’t trouble me at all.  Come to think of it, it sure seems like Isaac Mizrahi is doing a little stealing of his own, doesn’t it?  I wonder if he has seen this picture… 

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15 Responses to Stealing from the family

  1. jennie says:

    I sure wish we had a picture of Aunt Britomart in her tube top. Now that would be something to see. An absolute test of gravity.

  2. Aunt Jane says:

    I will clear up the details for you, Jenine. The woman on the left is Aunt Britomart, middle is her daughter Mary Jane, and on the right is Aunt Priscilla. The 2 aunts are my (and your dad’s) dad’s sisters. The missing Aunt is Aunt Jane (my namesake). Someday I will show you a picture of your great great great grandmother, Jane Hadlock Niles….that will put the fear of the Lord in you!

  3. Wow, another distant relative coming to light! It is Jane Hadlock Niles we have in common. Yes, she still puts the fear of God in folks. I have a couple old photos from which you might or might not recognize anyone that I will be glad to share.

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  8. Shelly Roth says:

    Jennie,I have been doing genealogy research off and on over the years and recently acquired some information you may be interested in. Specifically I went to Bayview Cemetery in Necedah and took photgraphs of the graves in the Niles family plot. I also have some photos of Jane Hadlock that would be a great addition to the ones provided by Mark Newstrom. I am posting photos and information I find to the Roth Family tree on but I would be happy to e-mail them to you as well. My mother was named for Jane Hadlock Niles as well. Our line of Ancestry from Jane is through her sonWilliam Dodge Niles Jr., his son Halbert Young Niles and my Grandfather Halbert Rush Niles. I would love to know if you have any additional information regarding the Niles Family.Regards,Shelly Roth

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