The Parent, Napoleon and the Prophet

I don’t know how many of you can have full conversations with someone when no one in the conversation is actually speaking to each other or connecting.  Kind of an UNconversation?  Julie (my sister) and I can do it for hours – we both just talk and periodically our dialogues intersect, but really, we just need someone to talk to – turns out someone doesn’t even really have to be listening.

Well today, we had a moment in my car where that happened with the girls and I.  Maybe it is a habit born out of closeness and family bonds.  Either way, I was trying to use the pop parenting “positive reinforcement” so I said “Thanks for doing that with me, you guys, I really appreciate it.”

Andra has been channeling Napoleon Dynamite.  I swear.  Her tone of voice is surly and dead on, and if she were a little taller and had bigger hair, she could be Napoleon. So in the tone, she says “You MADE us.”  Clearly not buying my happy happy speak.

And Grace, always the big picture girl says “Yes, she did make us, but God made everyone.”

A thread connected us, but each was speaking a slightly different language, from a slightly different point of view.  I suppose sometimes we are bound to intersect, but I guess we all just need to talk.   Must be a family thing.

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