Happy Mothers’ Day

To all the mothers and mothers to be out there – Happy Mothers’ day.  I am moving the apostrophe from before the s to after the s, because I think it is not just about MY mother, but about every mother. 

When Andra was little, and she first started daycare, I was very worried that she would love someone else.  But before long, I realized that there can never be too many people loving your kids – really the more mothers the better.  

So this Mothers’ day, a big thank you to all the mothers (whether or not they have kids of their own) out there, especially the ones who ever mother my children. My girls will carry a part of each of you with them when they start to mother.  And how lucky, how very lucky they are for it.

Of course, Andra and Grace wouldn’t be available for mothering if it weren’t for my own dear mother, Marcia.  So an extra shout out to her for making me, and for making me what I am.  Thanks Mom.

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2 Responses to Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. Charley Hahn says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Jenine!

  2. Elsa A says:

    Last Friday during “choice” Grace stuffed a doll from the Home Center under her shirt. She said, “Look Mrs. Aguirre,I’m pretending to have a baby!” And I immediately replied, “I hope you’re pretending to be 35 too…” She looked at me and said “No, I’m 20.” I said “…umm still too young!” Then she said she was just a teenager and just going to have a baby. I said “No Grace, that’s ridiculous. Teenagers can’t have babies”, and she said “Why not?…Yes they can.” Then I fired, “Teenagers are babies themselves, so that’s that…and in Room 11 it’s my rule that no one can have a baby until they are 30!” She just stared and went along her way. A few minutes later as I walked through the “trenches” again I spied her feeding her baby doll. I guess she went ahead with the pregnancy, at which ever age she chose! I don’t think this has ever happened to me before, but then I’ve never had a Grace. I shared that story all Mother’s Day Weekend!

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