In case you were wondering

The cat is still here.  We are still conflicted about her name, but she answers to almost anything. 

Last night the girls and I went through the boxes of little baby mementos I kept for them, and we were reading the cards and teh baby book and all the fun things from the weeks after their birth that I somehow managed to keep.  I tell stories, and we all laugh, and then they get in bed and Andra pretends to go to sleep.

She is an insomniac, and while she will usually read, or write or fold origami (how sweet is she – she is folding little birds that she writes “good luck” on for her classmates), last night she did 2 extra things that are interesting.  First, she put on a cd and headphones.  Interesting becasue she sang along.  Loudly.  If you are tyring to stay up late, and be covert about it, just a hint.  Don’t sing.

Then, she dug out a box of pictures of mine, and flipped through them.  Interesting because quite a few of them were from when I lived in Florida with that loser.  If you didn’t know me then, it doesn’t matter.  You know that loser, even if your loser has a different name.  One of the pictures was of the loser and I at Epcot center, and I noticed a whole bunch of funny things.

I had a perm. 
I was wearing keds with midcalf white socks all scrunched down.  So was my boyfriend.
I had a ring watch.  And I thought I was so cool.

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