Some Happy Thoughts

Some happy thoughts from today and yesterday:

Today was my birthday, and Andra and Grace remembered within minutes of waking up and I got some good lovin.  It took Phil until 2:17 PM, but he was real nice about it when he remembered.  (I am not telling you so you will all be like “Happy Birthday!”, it was just a happy thing).

My sister Michele was here, and the last time I saw her on my birthday it was probably 1984.

I got some lovely gifts, but I think Andra’s card was the winner. If I wasn’t so tired I would take a picture, but here is what she wrote: “I know a lot.  I am clean and pretty, but mom, today is all about you.”  Clearly.

Last night the girls were both stars in the talent show.  They were wild and danced their hearts out and I loved watching them.  There is something great about a talent show, where you can see future Olympians, rock stars and Broadway dancers.  A few future strippers and karaoke queens, too. 

Today as I was walking down the hall in the hospital, I walked by one room where the resident was standing, facing back into his room with one arm on the wall.  Visualize the hospital gown – with the arm up – hello butt crack.  Phil and I joke about this comedian who talks about how as a man, sometimes you catch a “free boob” and that it is just God’s way of saying “Have a nice day”.  This must have been how God says Happy Birthday! 

No more pencils, no more books!  School is out tomorrow!  I gave Grace’s teachers the BEST gift ever, to make sure they never forget Grace (or probably me).  I gave them leopard print thong underwear.  You see one day Grace got up during sharing and told the whole kindergarten class about how I wore leopard print underwear, and chased her around the house pretending to scratch her and going “raaar”.  The kids didn’t get it, I don’t think, but of course Grace’s teachers will not let me live it down (But of course its not true! Oh, the stories that Gracie makes up…).  So I figured they needed a pair to remember us by. 

My neighbor called and insisted on giving me a massage after the kids went to bed, and I went.

And now, I get to be 38 all year.  Hey, it’s no 37, but at least its not 39…

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4 Responses to Some Happy Thoughts

  1. jennie says:

    Happy birthday, Jenine! I hope you get some new underwear for your birthday. Maybe a tiger print.

  2. Jacki says:

    Hi Sweetie,Happy Bday. I can’t believe school is out already.Have fun.Jacki

  3. phil says:

    I hate being one of those husbands. You know – one that forgets the important moments. But it was more of a delay than a forget, at least that is my rationalization. I love you. Happy first day of 38.

  4. Grammy says:

    If you missed the talent show, my sympathies to you. I guess the song, “The Tracks of My Tears” says it all. I laughed ’til I cried!

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