A darned good day.

Today was a darned good day.  It started and ended with me helping Phil install drip irrigation in the front yard.  It was good for me that my day only started and ended with that, because it was pretty much Phil’s whole day.

In between, I took the girls and their cousins Levi and Kara to Wyatt’s Water World.  It is an overgrown concrete pool and slide complex, but think trailer park, not Disneyland.  However, when it is 95 in Tucson, it is an oasis.  It was great watching Andra and Kara giggle in the pools as they stuck together all day.  Levi was off to the big slides, but did his share of playing like a little kid with Grace in the 3 foot wading pool.  Note that Levi is 5′ 10″ tall and 13 so it was very heart warming to me to see him racing her in the pools.  Even nicer because 95 is still a little cool – and hello! The water was cold! So then I got to just sit out with the other hotties.  Let me just say these few things – there were lots of teeny bikinis, and there shouldn’t have been.  I was the only person I saw in a tankini with a skirted bottom, and I shouldn’t have been (the only one, I mean).

Then, to be a tourist in my own town, we stopped at this dumpy hole in the wall rock shop that must run drugs or whores out the back because there is no way they are making it on rocks.  I told everyone to pick 2 and here is what we got for $4.50:

Levi – one clear quartz crystal.  Forfeited the second rock.
Kara – one polished rose quartz, one desert rose (its a selenium rock shaped like a rose).
Andra – one worry stone she thought looked like the sunset, and a desert ruby.
Me – one tiger’s eye, and one purple and green worry stone
Grace – two sharks teeth.  No kidding.

And then finally, we went to visit my Dad, who spent the whole day at home, thank God, in his own clothes, with no crazy blind and half deaf roommate yelling “Help!  Hello!” all night (sorry Mr. Mowers but it was really annoying), no nurses checking monitors or putting things in or taking things out.  He didn’t see a single doctor, and he was in the care of one of the best caretakers I know – my sister Julie. 

So all in all, if I said it once, I’ll say it again, it was a darned good day.

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3 Responses to A darned good day.

  1. jennie says:

    Next time we’re in town, I definitely want to go to the rock/drug/whore store. Also, the water park. Sounds like we’d fit right in.How could it have been hotter in MN than in Tucson today? That’s just wrong.

  2. my-rhyme says:

    I am the most beautiful and glamorous!

  3. philosref says:

    I am the most beautiful and glamorous!

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