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Andra: Now accepting prayer requests.

Today, when I walked downstairs to go to lunch, this gray thing was standing on the receptionist’s desk:                                                   One of the guys at the shop (where I work) found it.  Crying.  In a small hole.  Really, what choice did I have?Here’s … Continue reading

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What is the World Coming To?

Today, two notable things happened on my lunch break.  The first thing that was notable (which actually happened second) was that as I drove up to the McDonalds’ drive through to grab a quick cheeseburger, I was denied.  There was … Continue reading

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Ongoing Propaganda

Just a view into the ongoing propaganda at our house.  Almost every art piece we have seen lately has a common theme.  Grace drew the picture, Andra made the groovy bottle cap art.  See a theme?

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Nardy, or not nardy, that is the question.

When I was little, my mom described me as nardy.  The phrase “nardy little body” for some reason sticks in my head, and it was just about right on.  I was nardy.  I was bony, usually well scabbed, had a … Continue reading

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Snake Season

Tonight we worked in the yard until almost dark, planting some flowers in huge new ceramic posts I got for the front porch.  Because we needed another project. Phil went to turn on the irrigation to check the lines to … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day. Thought of the Day.

“Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.” Robert A. Heinlein

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She’s Been Done Wrong

Grace is a conspiracy theorist.  From the time she was a wee girl in daycare, when you picked her up it was always an extensive play by play of who had done her wrong that day.  Who pushed, who threw sand … Continue reading

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