How Much Does Mexico Cost?

We just spent a long weekend in Mexico.  It was lovely.  We spent 12 hours a day at the beach or the pool, and we ate.  That was pretty much all we did. And the best part was how much a beach vacation in Mexico costs.  Excluding food and the hotel, here is what we spent:

Hair Braiding:  $35     New Swimsuits:  $20   
Spray on SPF 50 Sunscreen for Daughters of Norway:  $18

Overpriced Boogie Board for Daredevil 7 year old: $15


Being Eggshell instead of Alabaster for a change:  Priceless.

And anecdotally, note that Andra told me “Mom. I don’t understand what things cost in Mexico.  That lady just told me this cost $10, and then asked me how much would I give  her for it?”  It is very confusing.

And Grace commented that people probably won’t believe that she is my daughter because she is so “brown” (as compared to my eggshell).  Here’s the proof:

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