From Hands to Fingers


Tender, tender, tender.
Andra’s heart, that is.  I am not sure how we are going to survive the next 10 years, much less dating.  But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  You see, Andra gets attached to people and creatures in an irrationally extreme manner.  Some examples:

Henry the First – a horned toad we found in the white mountains that she carried for an hour. Ended with tears upon the forced release.

Henry the Second – a horned toad we found at home, that we kept overnight (after researching what they need to live – formic acid and ultraviolet light, thank you very much).  Ended with tears upon the forced release.

Ben the cat – when he died this year, Grace cried for about 32 seconds while Andra and I did the ugly cry for way too long.  Still with the tears.

Amy – our college aged friend who stayed with us in the fall, who Andra dubbed “the girl who stole my room” because she moved into Andra’s room for a while.  When Amy left?  You guessed it – tears.

A hermit crab from the beach last weekend – tears upon forced release, the second hermit crab who ended up in our room somehow, more tears upon forced release.

Tears, tears, tears.

So now that we finally have a pet again, the wonderful Sugar, Andra has decided she MUST have another cat – one all her own this time.  We have had many tears this week in our discussions of her need for said new cat. 

So tonight, Andra took matters into her own hands, and called a Family Meeting – complete with invitation, and letter.  

She read us the letter as follows:

“Dear Mom and Dad,
More than half the family is dying to get another kitten.  Here are the people who need a kitten.
.   Grace – she wants to share it with me.
.   Me – Because think how much crying I am going to do
.   Sugar – Most important because she needs a friend.
We can always get a third pet.  Love Andra, Grace and Sugar.”

But I noticed there appeared to be a little more to the letter, so I swiped it, and here is what it said after the third pet comment – with an explanation that I was unaware how many times she has heard me say that we are stopping at 2 kids because we believe in 2 kids, 2 parents, 2 hands.

“For the children rule was that there were no more than 2 hands, but for pets, lets change it to fingers, and if you don’t let me we will keep on trying and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can stop us.”

First thought, wildly creative with the fingers, and second thought, nice try with the threats.  We told her we would talk about it, but none the less she sobbed in her room, and was nearly inconsolable in spite of back rubbing, cool drinks of water, lullabies and gentle encouragement.

I wasn’t ready for one cat, much less two, but I think denying her may break that tender little heart. 

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1 Response to From Hands to Fingers

  1. Jillian says:

    Ahhhh I love the new pic of the girls!!! I miss wearing my cowboy boots. 🙂 And children these days are so smart, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Hope all is well. Take care! j

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