A Happy Girl

Last night Phil sort of surprised me with tickets to see Martina McBride.  She puts on a great show, and it was in an outdoor amphitheater at a casino, so the weather was nice.  We went with some of our good friends, but here is who we also got to sit by:

Martina’s biggest Fan, with a capital F.  He was standing, at times crying, negotiating with the security and people behind him to let him stand because this, no this, now this was his FAVORITE Martina song.  He kept doing that crowd thing where you pump you hands to try and get people to stand up and cheer.  Hey dude, it’s a concert, not a hockey game. He made me laugh every time she shot out of his chair like a rocket to cheer or annoy the rest of us.

The Chronic cell phone photo takers.  These people are casualties of the digital age, I think.  Not enough science in school to realize that if you perform an experiment repeatedly, even say 2 or 3 times and it keeps coming up as a black block with a little smudge of blue in the middle (her dress was blue at the beginning of the show), that every time you take will turn out that way.  Seriously, it will.  Then she changed into a black outfit.  Hello! Nonetheless these people each took at least 50 pictures of the stage, of the screen, of the stage, of the screen, and on and on.  I wonder if they knew they were at a concert to LISTEN.

Regardless, it was a nice evening.  One of our friends kept saying how she thinks I look kind of like Martina.  I don’t’ know about that, but we do have a few things in common.  She appears to share my new fascination with really teetery high heels.  I swear her first pair were 5 inches and she just looked like she was just hovering on her tip toes.  They were sparkly and  beautiful.  Of course, she only has to wear them for like 2 hours, and she gets to sing like an angel while she wears them. 

I am jealous, however, that Martina not only has one right hand ring, but two.  For those of you who have missed the new diamond campaign, it is fabulous.  Women of the world, raise your right hand.  They basically say you have to accept what he gives you for your left hand, but fork out your own hard earned cash for your right hand.  The ads are simple, and kind of cheesy sometimes, but every time I am totally empowered and REALLY want a right hand ring. 

Too bad I am too proud to whip out the cell phone and take a picture for you or you could have seen for yourself.

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