Out of Control


Lately, I have been feeling like the house is getting out of control, as far as clutter and accumulation of stuff.  A few clear indications:

Still Easter: I just put away the girls’ easter baskets yesterday.

Still Christmas:   Shortly thereafter, I realized that the headless Joseph from our nativity set was still standing on my counter top waiting for me to locate his head.  He lost it in some unfortunate incident I don’t even remember.  I do remember thinking “I’ll just slap a little super glue on that and make it all better”.  That must have been the first week of January.

Still Halloween:   Joseph’s head is probably at the bottom of the wooden pumpkin bowl on the counter top, right next to Joseph.  Why I didn’t just throw Joseph in with his head?  Well, no point in putting the pumpkin away now, Halloween is almost upon us again, right?  Thanks to Julie for reminding me of that.

Tea Party:   Yea, in addition to washing the china service for 16, now I have to figure out where to put it all.

Summer birthdays:  Since we are in the girls’ birthday month, I always start getting a little anxious figuring out how to get all the new stuff put away, with the old stuff.  It usually starts me off on a toy purge. 

Good old fashioned yard sale family values:  Andra is dying to have a yard sale.  I would like her to have one to see what stuff is worth on secondary market (nothing, in general). So in lieu of the semi annual toy purge, not to mention my regular once a month trip to the goodwill donation center, we have been accumulating yard sale stuff.  However, we don’t live in a yard sale neighborhood, and I don’t have enough stuff on my own, so we were going to work it with Grammy.  Someone, though, we are out of weekends.  We have plans every weekend between now and school starting. 

Too many Buckets of Shame:  When I am cleaning, especially the girls rooms, when I am almost done and still have a small pile of Barbie shoes, mismatched socks, legos, unmatched game pieces and countless hair clips I throw it all into the “Bucket of Shame” A heaping bucket of stuff I just don’t want to deal with.  Problem is, I have like 8 of them right now.  And they have become laundry baskets of shame.

The conclusion I have reached from all of this is that maybe I need to put down the computer, get sorting and get driving to the goodwill.  I am sure I will feel like it tomorrow. 

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1 Response to Out of Control

  1. Tony says:

    I have to say Jenine, I really dig this blog thingy!!! I check in from time to time just to see what’s happenin’ at Casa D. I love the stories and I love and miss y’all. I look at some of the photos and can’t believe how much the girls have grown (must be the hemp cereal, HA!)Things are going well in America’s dairy land and it appears things are going well in your neck of the woods. Peace, love and Happiness =0 )

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