Congratulations, All Around

Yesterday, Grace turned 6.  This morning, she said “I don’t feel 6.  I still feel young.”  I know how she feels,  don’t you?

And yesterday, we went to a banquet in Phoenix where Phil got an award for his  buffalo (largest in the 2 year record book period) and also got his Kaibab award.  The Kaibab award is for someone who has taken 10 Big Game animals in Arizona with a bow, with 7 making the record books.  Phil was only the second person to get the Kaibab award, ever. 

The award program was founded by Phil’s dad, and at the banquet Tom was presented with an induction into the Bowhunting in Arizona hall of fame, and there was a very nice presentation.  Phil spoke, with the reminder that regardless of where you end up, that the service you provide others carries on.  Several people came up after the presentation and told Phil stories about learning archery, or other things from Tom.  That was pretty neat.

A brief digression that gets you to Andra and I: If you have never been to a banquet for outdoors men, it is pretty fun.  I have been to scores of fund raisers over the years, but hunting ones are the most fun because there is so much going on.  Balloon raffles, card raffles, poker chip raffles on the tables, regular raffles, special raffles.  Raffles raffles raffles. Even though the hunting stuff is not necessarily my thing, I still love hitting all the raffles – seriously, I think everyone left with a gun cleaning kit (some years it is barbecue sauce, some years it is mugs, turns out this year was the gun cleaning kits).  We bought our raffle tickets, we bought our balloons (you pop them and there is a prize inside), Phil bought me a girly gift bag raffle and we participated in the silent auction.  We did well.  And while it isn’t usually my thing, as I said, I think at this banquet fate decided to start making it my thing. 

Here is what I won – After making a snotty comment on my cousin Jennie’s blog about how she needed to sign up for a camp put on by Ted Nugent’s wife where you learn to be an outside girl in a rock and roll manner wearing a bra top and bike shorts, I won a 3 day weekend put on by the AZ Game and Fish and Az Wildlife Federation – “Becoming an Outdoors Woman”.  I guess it serves me right.  It actually looks kind of fun, so now I have to see if I can get away for 3 days to learn how to climb, fish, navigate and cook in a dutch oven (my favorite class name is “I’m Lost, Now What”).  I also won a World Poker Tour package (was it on my list, or WHAT!) – priority seating to watch a world poker tour event, meet and greet and photo ops with the announcers and others, plus World Poker Tour stuff.  Another away trip, but how fun! And on my list – hey if I am watching I won’t be the first one out, right?.

Andra was starting to feel slighted since the early raffle results weren’t promising, but she finally hit the jackpot and got what she really wanted – A Red Ryder BB Gun.  Looks like she is going to become an outdoors woman too.  She also really wanted a $10 Sportsman’s Warehouse gift certificate, and we hadn’t won one.  Then someone walked up and handed her 6 of them.  Her lucky day.

Phil also won a rifle, and our collective raffles brought us 3 coffee mugs, 3 magazine subscriptions, a T shirt, a mini flashlight, a video, a saw and a gun cleaning kit (of course). 

So in the end, big congratulations are in order to Phil and Tom for their awards.  They both worked insanely hard for many years – most definitely a labor of love for both of them.  Their “hearts of service” as Phil termed it in his presentation, seem to not only impact others, but their offspring as well.  Andra and Grace are certainly falling in love with the same things Tom taught Phil to love. 

There is certainly great joy in the outdoors, and learning to love participating in the wonders of nature.  I will close with a thank you to Andra and Grace for having such a successful first hunting banquet – I am certain there will be many, many more for them.

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2 Responses to Congratulations, All Around

  1. Elsa Aguirre says:

    Hi Grace! Happy, happy birthday!Love you and miss you! xoxo

  2. phil says:

    Great post – glad we could all enjoy the banquet together. And just for a little clarification the Kaibab is for 11 different species of the 14 possible in Arizona that is why it is so hard to get. I have been very fortunate and blessed to have an understanding wife who lets me spend alot of time in the woods.

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