Aw, Shoot


We went to Flagstaff last weekend and pretty much, it was all about shooting.  My niece Kara and nephew Levi had Soccerama on Saturday, and they took some shots on goal. 


Phil shot an archery tournament Saturday, but it rained after Soccerama, so we just went out to meet him and walk around the archery booths.  Sunday, however, Kara, Andra, Grace and Phil all shot the archery tournament, and then after that, we all went and shot air guns and bb guns in the woods. 


We all participated in shooting off our mouths too, quite regularly.  We played a mean game of Texas Hold-em Saturday night, where the mouth shooting was particularly active.  Playing poker with Grace is like playing with a cross between professional poker players Jennifer Harmon and Phil Hellmuth – she’s cute, surprisingly wily, she talks a little smack and she is a really annoying winner.  After she was stacking ‘em high, she started stacking her ample chips in a square – “I’m makin’ a castle” she says.  After a few more hands she tells us “My castle has a door.”  In the end she was the first one out – but not because she actually lost her chips, but because she just wanted to give them all away.  


All in all, we had a lovely time.  We shot, we shot and we shot, and through it all, it wasn’t 110 degrees.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend. We’ll have to shoot for a couple more of those.

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