So Hot Summer

So, in our neck of the woods, “summer” is almost over. I am running in to parents from school all over the place in super accomplishment mode.  My home loving neighbor has gone to the mountains and the water park – since Monday.  Of this week. Grace’s kinder teacher has sprinted into closet cleaning mode, and Target already has school supplies on super sale.  Parents everywhere are frantically trying to cram in all the things we said we were going to do over the summer before it is really over. 

It is odd, really, to have the designated summer ending when it is still averaging 105 degrees with no sign of cool weather in sight, but that is our lot in life, I guess.  What I wonder is this, what can we get in between now and August 15? 

And I guess it isn’t about getting activities in, but it is about getting memories in.  Really, what do we remember from our childhoods?  Car trips, holidays, disasters, traditions and weird stuff.  So maybe that is what my “lifeline” list is about – picking out things from my childhood that I remember and trying to get the same things into the girl’s memory banks.  There are so many things I know I can’t give them, because it just isn’t 1976 anymore (Thank God), but I am going to put in what we can.

Next week we are going to my Mom’s – which is now a wheat farm north of Spokane.  Its a new house, very rural and completely new and different to us. You can almost hear the memory bank deposit slips shuffling through the old bank teller machine. Wheat fields, sewing, tractors, cool streams in wooded cuts. Shush shush shush shush (that’s the paper sound in case you didn’t figure that out).  And the best part about memory bank deposits is that you can take them out and use them, but they are still in bank.  Too bad it doesn’t work that way with money…

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