And now it is Wednesday

I have been saying for about a week that if I could just get to Wednesday, I would be good.  And now, it is Wednesday.  It has been a grueling, wonderful and awful couple of days, and I think I can say we are all very, very tired.

To catch you up – the reunion went well.  We had a good time, people were nice and here is a picture of me and my best friend (note the camera was a little funky, compliments of Grace – there were about 20 photos of the cats at the beginning of the disk and I am guessing she did something to the camera):

The best part was that one of “those girls” – you know, the popular ones who ignored the unique, interesting girls with good personalities like Jacki and I, said to me “Oh my God! you look just like you, but, well, WAY better!  You’re hot!” Which I think meant “Too bad you had a girl mullet and cared about your grades, because if you looked like this 20 years ago we would SO have hung out!”.  Ironically, “those girls” at our school called themselves the “Big 8” (there were 8 of them), but I spent most of the last 20 years hanging out with a different Big 8 – and hanging out with Jacki.  So ha! 

Tom’s celebration also went well.  We had lots of family in town, which always makes for good times, even in bad times.  We had dinner on Sunday, and the Sunnyside High Mariachis played and I will say, if that is what a mariachi group sounds like, I don’t know what I have been listening to.  They were amazing and it was a lovely tribute to Tom.   I will never hear Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” again without thinking of them. At the memorial service I was so thankful to hear stories about Tom before I knew him, mostly from his teaching days.  There are so many images in my head, which I suppose happens when you are raw with emotion, and it would never be appropriate to take those pictures on film, but there they are.  Joy of remembrance, Sorrow of Loss.  That’s what my images look like. 

And finally, the first day of school (same picture quality – as their mother, I am pretty sure the glow is the camera, not their halos):

Andra already has more homework than she can do in a week, Grace is already sure she has a rash (which is bound to lead to a visit to the nurse’s office), and Phil left this morning to go hunting.  Feels like Fall (not to mention Wednesday).

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2 Responses to And now it is Wednesday

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    You DO look terrific! I am going to my 40th reunion tomorrow night and I am trying to decide which jeans or capris to wear…oh my, how times have changed.

  2. Jacki says:

    I must say, we look fabulous (I have a better picture to send you). I’m glad we realized the potential of some of the wonderful people around us, despite being late bloomers.

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