I have been so ready for school to start, so we could get back into something that resembles my idea of “normal”.  Keeping in mind that although my quality of life has improved drastically since I started my new job, I would still wager that if I ever applied for that reality show “Wife Swap” no one would swap with me.  Our normal means I get to work by 8, actually work while I am there, and when we get home I make a nice dinner while the girls do a little homework before we eat dinner together and get to spend a little time together reading or playing a game.  Our normal includes about 3 hours in the evening between the time we get home, and bedtime. This is the first week of school, and we aren’t really back at normal yet, and I am a little worried we may never be.  In spite of the fact that I just said it is the first week of school, I will reiterate, it is the first week of school, and Andra has spent no less than 4 hours in the evenings on her homework.  That is in 3 nights.

She sat at the counter tonight for over 2 TWO 2 whole hours doing homework. She ate her dinner there, doing homework. She went to the bathroom one time, and had a small glass of water.  And guess what? She isn’t done.  And guess what?  I don’t care.  In a bold move completely unlike me, I told her she did not have to finish.  She is 8, for heaven’s sake, it is the first week of school, and it started with some of the more traumatic events of her little life.  And since it looks like unless I quit my job, we won’t be doing guitar lessons, we won’t be taking gymnastics or hip-hop dance classes, and we won’t have any type of social life this year since she needs 2 hours a night for homework, she may as well actually sleep tonight.  God forbid the kid ever needs to bathe.

I admit she may be slower at the homework game than other kids, but she can’t be THAT much slower.  And the 2 + hours included several rounds of what I can only call “speed” homework – where I barked out spelling words or dictation while she frantically scribbled the words.  What if we had actually just taken our time on that? 

Maybe once we all sleep, things will feel more normal, and it won’t make me so cranky.  Maybe things will settle down and she might actually pick up speed so we still have time to get in the 20 – 30 minutes of reading we have made a habit for over the last 4 years, and actually enjoy doing together.  Maybe I am turning into one of the parents who is defending mediocrity in their children. But maybe I just need a little time to catch up – I read in an article on grieving that you need to “adjust to the new normal”.  Maybe, but I guess I don’t have to like the new normal. I am SO ready for school to be over.  Just 176 more school days.

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3 Responses to Homework

  1. Aunt Jane (ex teacher) says:

    No 8 year old should have that kind of homework…don’t wait too long before calling the teacher.(I bet now you can email and don’t even have to talk in person!) You are a CARING parent, not one of THOSE parents! Hopefully there is some kind of misunderstanding about what HAS to be done each night. Give ‘er hell, harry!

  2. Jill says:

    Here’s where I rant without really meaning it. I FEEL it, but it’s probably not true and I owe all the teachers in the world huge apologies.WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN SCHOOL?! My kids always have huge amounts of homework that disrupts family life. Yet, it doesn’t seem like they accomplish much work in school. What am I, a homeschooler in addition to having a full time job??? Why can’t the teachers have them do work at school instead of constantly crushing my evenings!!!Whew. Sorry for the spoiled, irrational rant.

  3. Mostly Jenine says:

    I needed the ex teacher approval – and there is no misunderstanding. Here is yesterdays list (clearly marked as to do Thursday):1.Do full page math worksheet2.Read The White House fluency paragraph (timed 1 minute).3. Read The Birdhouse reading page and answer full sheet of comprehension questions4. Read for 20 minutes5. Write a paragraph about what you read6. Have someone give you a practice spelling test with 20 words and a 2 full sentences.Which breaks into minutes for us like this: 15, 3, 15, 20, 25 and 15 – so that would be 93 minutes without dinner, breathing, kitten attacks, little sister eating bananas in your face, or breathing. We’re toast.

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