There’s Joy in Them There Hills

With all the things going on in our lives, I have used my heart more in the last couple months than I usually do.  Strangely, and happily, enough, that applies to the good as well as the rough stuff.  This weekend, there were so many snips of joy, and I guess that is the benefit of having you heart be raw and open – you may feel the rough stuff, but you are much more open to the good stuff.  Here’s some of the good stuff from our weekend.

I already mentioned the lemon meringue pie.  That was good.

I wrote a bunch of thank yous for the sympathy cards – and really, how lucky to have so many people who love us and care enough to send a card.

Saturday after we returned our library books, Grace thought we should go see the new exhibit at the art museum.  It was all the Grand Canyon, and it was positively beautiful.

Saturday afternoon I realized that the little yellow pincushion flower from last spring has reseeded.  I LOVE that plant, and now there are 30 of them in my front yard.

And this morning, Andra woke up as I was leaving, and smothered me with love.  She followed me out to the car in her PJs and waved me goodbye.

As I flew up to Nevada for work we flew right over the grand canyon, and in a small plane that flies low, it was unbelievably stunning.

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