Grace, always a wonder.

Today Grace did some Grace things.  She said grace before dinner, and here was her prayer:

“Dear God, Thank you for this big, big, fat world and thank you for letting us all live for a while.  Please take care of all the people in our family, and our friends who have died.  God bless this food.  Amen”

Then, looking at our dinner of spaghetti, Grace was having not only cooked noodles, but some uncooked noodles too.  She had the uncooked noodles around the edges and she was dipping them in her sauce.  Until I heard her say “Ok Everybody!  We’re having a party!  Everyone in the pool!” and she threw all the crunchy noodles into the middle of the plate with the sauce and mixed them all up.  She wasn’t amused by my hysterical laughter, but how do you not laugh at that?

Tonight we had a meeting with the gifted and talented teacher to review what they will be doing in GATE this year.  The theme is Causality.  That’s right, Causality.  Cause and Effect.  Something Grace spends the majority of her life experimenting with.  Can’t wait to see how this works out.   The teacher said that for the real bright people in the world, they need to have above average ability (Check), creativity (Check) and task commitment (Hmmm).  She clearly has above average blessing activity, and dining creativity, but we will have to see how that task commitment thing works out.  We’ll let you know.

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