He’s Gone, Jonathan.

Phil is gone.  We have reached the time of the year where I single parent, the girls forget what Phil looks like and Phil becomes human (if not a little worn out).  He has a Unit 9 Elk tag, and left Wednesday for a couple weeks.  Maybe.  You see, it is kind of like having a baby – you never know when he will show up.  He could shoot an Elk today, and be home in a day or two, or he could linger for weeks, until the last sun sets on the season.  There is just no way of knowing.

In the meantime, we watched him on TV tonight – I forgot to remind you all to watch WE TV for Mrs. America – its on today and tomorrow (Sunday).  The TV version was a little racier and you saw the evil looks and catty gossiping we didn’t see from the front of the stage.  Either way we got to see Phil (on TV) and have dinner with him (in front of the TV).  We had Bats and Cobwebs from a magazine I get – it is bowtie pasta (the bats) with tomatoes, sausage and loads of mozzarella (the cobwebs).  I liked it.  Good thing, because it looks like I am the only one who will eat it.  For the next 2 weeks.  Maybe.

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