Knock on Wood

Sometimes, we just ask for it.  For example, this morning I heard some noise on the front porch, and walked out to find the Javelinas eating this (it was overflowing with flowers yesterday):

That’s right, Pride, and The Fall (see photo above). 

It’s like any time you say “My kids haven’t been sick all year”.  Bam, look out, here comes the next best virus.  Or Phil saying “You need new tires, it feels like they are hunting”.  And then PHIL went hunting, and I got a flat coming out of the dentist today.  If he hadn’t said anything, I could have driven another 4 years on those tires, but noooo, because he had to go and say it, now I really do need new tires.  At least I finally got a little value out of that AAA membership. 

I, for one, am being a little more careful what I say today. 

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