You don’t ask.

Tonight we went to a concert.  It was the country singer, Craig Morgan, and this is the second concert of his we have been to.  We saw him at an archery fundraiser Phil helped organize, and he is very entertaining.  We got a little alone time tonight during a meet and greet (the modern-day, sanitized version of backstage passes), and so I took a photo with Craig.  I reminded him that I was the plucky girl who was doing check-in at that fundraiser, and almost didn’t let him in because he didn’t have a badge.  His comment at the fundraiser was “Well, I am ON the badge”.  Indeed he was, but I take my job seriously, and he wasn’t getting past me without checking in, thank you very much. 

I did contemplate putting my hand on Craig’s hip, but I chickened out.  I told Phil I just wasn’t brave enough to ask, to which he replied “You don’t ASK, you just do it.”  I’ll remember that for next time.

And finally, Sunday night we are going to a comedy club with the same couple we went to this concert with, so I have to tell you how we ended the evening, because if you know us, it would be a gut buster on stage.  Maryann commented on how it would be hard to be at home with babies while your husband Craig danced on stage with Ashlee (a blond stick figure in a bustier who was just SO excited to be there that Craig pulled her up and slow danced to a whole song with her).  So Tracy (Maryann’s husband) commented that he agreed it would be hard to have a superstar spouse who was gone a lot and in the public eye.  So I said “Yea, that would suck to have a spouse who was gone for long periods of time, and hard to reach.  You know, spending money on trips, buying special clothes, and filming T.V. shows, and focusing all their efforts on something out in the world.”  And after a second, we all had a good stomach aching laugh, and some of us cried a little we were laughing so hard. 

I should be on stage I am so funny. 

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3 Responses to You don’t ask.

  1. Gail says:

    My question to you, babe, is: Did Craig put HIS hand on YOUR hip?

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    Babe! I am so disappointed! I was so focused on NOT putting my hand on his hip that I don’t even KNOW where his hand was. Darn. I am sure it wasn’t on the scuffed up wall, so let’s just say he was pressing my hip. Yea. Let’s just say that.

  3. jennie says:

    I’m pretty sure you hand IS on his “hip”, but that you tastefully cropped it out. I think that’s the really official story.

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