Did you Boogie with Your Baby In the Back Row?

Thursday night I took Phil on a date.  I picked a concert for the band The Fray – they play the theme song on Grey’s Anatomy, and every time we hear it we say “I love this song”.  I thought it would be fun, and I thought it would make us feel young – to be out on a week night, on a date, with a young band.

This morning?  We feel about 873 years old.  Turns out we were the oldest people there.  Phil was one of very few men.  Good thing he is married to me, because if he wasn’t there might not be a second date.

I thought I had tickets in the 7th row.  We were in the balcony.  I didn’t even know there WAS a balcony – it only consists of 4 seats.  We were in the 2 in the corner.  At first, Phil was sure I picked the make-out seats on purpose – and I started singing the old hit “Did you boogie with your baby in the back row of the movie show…”.  And we kissed… and then the 2 little girls who were sitting next to us showed up and we became “That creepy old couple”.  They actually argued about who had to sit by Phil. Seriously.  As if we were too old to hear them.

Then, I forgot these things have a warm up band.  They were terrible, and I kept saying “Really, let’s just go to Starbucks” and I meant it.  It was painful.  But we stuck it out, and finally the real Fray came out.

They were good, but during the show, I had the following thoughts which prove I am officially Out of It.  “It is just so LOUD.” “Those lights are just too bright.”  “Hmmm.  Warm.  Sleepy.” “Thank goodness we are in the balcony so we don’t have to stand/cheer/clap.” I am pretty sure both Phil and I took naps.  O – L – D.

We only go on a date about once a year.  Wonder where we should go next year? 

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4 Responses to Did you Boogie with Your Baby In the Back Row?

  1. jennie says:

    you should maybe sign up for a tour of an assisted living place.

  2. Jill says:

    We went to a Coldplay concert two days before my due date with Lizzy and I spent the whole time with my hands covering my belly because I thought it was too loud for her. Coldplay. Too loud.I don’t think you’re ready for an assisted living tour quite yet. How about a night of bingo and Old Country Buffet?

  3. Eric says:

    I’m pretty sure my 27-year old sister was at that concert, although she told me she was worried she might be a little too old to go. Just thought I’d let you know.

  4. seawolf says:

    I love Justin Bieber

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