Go Nogo

When I was in high school and was complaining that I deserved some exquisite spring break vacation, my Dad wrote me a note with these words on it – Go Nogo.  For those of us on the superhighway to Central America, that means Nogales, Sonora.  It is a crusty little border town that has a distinct flavor of Mexico where tourists go to shop, teenagers go to drink and hopeful Mexicans come with a dream of crawling under a fence and walking miles through torturous desert to a new life in the land of opportunity.

Yesterday, the girls and I took Grammy for her first trip to get a little shopping in.  The weather was perfect, the shopping was good, and the vendors were subdued – I heard less of the regular lines from the vendors – “Blue Light Special”, “Cheaper than Kmart”, “Hey Lady, I remember you” than on other trips. 

We shopped, and had lunch then came on home.  The trip brought back memories for me, of all the other trips I have taken down there.  I have gone with my family and friends many times over the years. In college I went quite often, usually with Jacki and my roommates, to drink and shop.  I met one of my longtime boyfriends there in the red glow of Pancho Villa, a cave like bar on the main street. When I got over him, I went with Jacki to buy the tin luminaria centerpieces for Phil and I’s wedding tables. Phil and I have gone over to buy furniture for the house. I have bought jewelry, and gifts, and chicklets from the little kids on the street for over 20 years, and it somehow feels familiar when I go now.  I can see the ghosts of those other trips in the vendors, and the restaurants, and the shops I like to visit. 

And now, I take Andra and Grace.  Grace remembered on this trip how on the last trip a little boy followed me and kicked me in the shins because he was sure I hadn’t paid for my chicklets.  I hope they will remember this trip as Grammy’s first visit to Nogo.  And I hope they will start to build a little familiarity of their own for this little town on the border.  On this trip, we took a picture with the street donkey, just to make sure (I will have to load it tomorrow).

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2 Responses to Go Nogo

  1. jennie says:

    I took Marty there the first year we were together and we had a great time. We drank margaritas and shopped. We learned a lot about each other. Marty barters while I pretend I’m not with him. I pay full price because the vendors probably could use the money…while Marty wonders why he’s with me. It was good for us to learn those things about each other so early in our relationship.

  2. Dawn says:

    Are you insane! what did that donkey do to you last time!?! and now you put your children near it!?! Ok, I really just want you to add that story to your blog………..

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