The Joy of the Open Road

Ah, Nevada.  This week I saw some great Nevada sights, some of which I know will perpetuate the big Nevada stereotypes, but I swear I am not making them up.


I saw a sign outside of what can only be a brothel, that said “No Shirt, No Shoes, Good Service”.


Around the corner I say “Inez’s Dancing and Diddling”.  I wonder what they sell there?.


Then, I walked by the authoritative news source, the “High Desert Advocate” with the headline “Thieves Hit Va Va Voom – $30,000 in Porn Stolen”.  Front page news.  There is a $1,000 reward – but they think it was an inside job.  I had to buy the paper – the headline alone was worth 50 cents.  I was not disappointed.  The police blotter and the extensive article about the man who attempted self immolation (BIG word for a little paper – I had to look it up) continue to amuse me.


And of course, we drove by the legendary VIP spa – which offers Body Shampoos, with the obligatory “finishing massage”.  I don’t even want to know what those are.


When I got out to the car this morning, there was a flyer on my window – the “weekly planner”  for Club Rio – wouldn’t want to miss any of the action there, I am so glad they are helping people plan their week.


I tried to get a picture of the Battle Mountain town letters, but since they are white and it was snowy, that didn’t really work.  I did manage to eat at the Star again, which was outstanding, but now I think I am ready to go home. 


So I just drove 4 hours through the remarkable Northern Nevada landscape – the snowy mountains, the roaming antelope and herds of wild stallions.  It is certainly beautiful, but it can’t hold a candle to the view of the thermometer in Tucson.

P.S.  This time I sat in 9C – my seat mate?  A Squishy salt and pepper busnissman, but he did sleep the whole way and we didn’t talk.  Not as good as coworker’s DISHY business man, but still better than Moe.

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