A Change of Heart

Hold the phone.  Grace decided to write a letter and a list.  Last year she made and wrapped a present for Santa, since she thought most people didn’t give Santa a present and that it would be nice, and then she wrote a sweet little note to Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Here is her letter for this year. 

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you like me a lot from last year, giving you a present of a butterfly last year.  And all of the other years, I did not make a wish list.  It made me happy doing it this year.  Oh yea, and don’t forget Happy New Year Santa Claus.

1.   Ten snowy days
2.   Ariel talking tea set
3.   Ariel talking salon
4.   Nintendo DS
5.   Tamagochi
6.   Karaoke machine
7.   Lots of love
8.   A photo of you and your elves
9.   206 dollar bills from people and from you
10.   Outfits
11.   Work books
12.   Puzzles
13.   Backpacks
14.   My own pet, especially a gerbil
15.   Fun movies
16.   My mom and dad to be nice
17.   American girl
18.   Bratz
19.   Stickers
20.   Lisa Frank stuff

I love you.

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4 Responses to A Change of Heart

  1. Kathleen says:

    I can tell what a special little girl she is, loved reading this!

  2. Jillian says:

    Well that is quite the list lady….how ever are you going to get all of it accomplished??;) My favorite are the ten snowy days…does she realize she lives in the desert? 206 dollar bills….not twenty, tens, or fives, but one dollar bills. A photo of Santa and his helpers…maybe you can get this one at the mall. And lastly, “my mom and dad to be nice”, have you been a meanie this year??!! 🙂

  3. Mostly Jenine says:

    You would think we had been wicked,and unloving wouldn’t you! Yea, the picture of Santa and the Elves is a nice touch, but I might be able to pull it off. 10 snowy days? Never.

  4. jennie says:

    I love this letter and her requests.I think you should send the girls to MN for 10 days. Nothing would make my dad happier than hauling them around making them do wintery things.Martin wants the Arial talking salon too and I told Marty that he’s not allowed to make a single comment about how it’s for girls.

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