Where in the World is Mostly J enine?

Whew!  I’m back.  You might have noticed I was gone, because the laundry piled up, the trash on the living room floor wasn’t picked up and my kids were crying at school because they missed me so much (or so they say).  There are no Christmas decorations up, and a small stack of unaddressed cards lingers on my table. 

I have been on the road this week, like last week, earning my keep.  I have been to Miami (Arizona), Morenci (Arizona) and Silver City (NM).  If you have never heard of these places, there is probably a good reason why – they are little towns.  It isn’t really the glamorous kind of travel I did in my last job (as much as travel can be glamorous), but my assigned tasks were accomplished, and we all made it home safely. 

It is a funny thing, once I get over the guilt of being gone, it is almost like having a second or two to remember what I was like when it was just me.  It is the only time I can read a book, or take a bath, or even think, to a certain extent.  I make extensive lists of what I need to do when I come home because I actually have uninterrupted time out there. I traveled alot when I was younger and did a pretty good job of living by my wits and finding my way around.  When I travel I remember that. 

Nonetheless, I don’t ever feel entirely comfortable when I travel, either because I am missing 3/4 of my heart or gravity is different at high altitude.  So I am glad to be home, and I am ready to clean the house and decorate it (tomorrow), to pay some bills and get the rest of my cards out (tomorrow) and get inspired to post something meaningful on the blog (tomorrow).  It will be a busy day.

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