What Phil Wants

Here is what Phil wants for Christmas, since we are in the list listing business:

A belt sander
Passion of the Christ DVD
A GPS sattelite emergency locator
A replacement for his lost Mont Blanc pen (round 3)
Framing of his CPA certificates for the “I love me” wall
A replacement of our Dish Network remote that you can only operate upside dowwn and slightly sideways

Unfortunately, here is what I have bought for him so far:

Nail clippers
A CD I wanted that hopefully he won’t really like so I can put it in my car

He is going hunting the week before Christmas and the first week of January, but you can’t really wrap that.  I guess I am not done shopping just yet…

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1 Response to What Phil Wants

  1. Charley Hahn says:

    I think you should see if you can buy Phil an insurance policy to protect from the loss of Mont Blanc pens! I believe that I have also lost two of these fine writing instruments(not necessarily the best but never-the-less prestigious)and each time the purchase price had doubled.

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