In Review

Ok, so I get that you all are not big “resolution” poeple, and I guess I really am not either.  I can’t remember the last time I made a true resolution outside the normal “I should eat better, drink less coffee and be nicer to people” standard thoughts.

But I think I do look back, and a little forward each year, just to keep it all on track.  And since this year was a big year of change I will be spending hte next couple days walking backwards in my head.  Here is what I think I will probably be thinking about:  

I spent a whole year in a new and very different job that has changed my self identity more than I thought it would.  About a week ago, something snapped (ok, to be fair it was shot at me like a rubber band by my peronal career counselor Beth) and I feel more like myself than I have all year.  I have adjsuted to a new pace and a new culture, but hadn’t really felt like myself. I have told a couple people that I was being nice all year to get them to like me so when I turned into the REAL Jenine that they could look back fondly on when I was nice.  I don’t think they believe me… 

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