Convergence 2006

Today was day one of Javelina Camp Convergence.  I was not even remotely ready this morning when the first truck of javelina hunters arrived.  So I promptly ran out into the garage yelling “I’m not ready!” 

I had it in my head that they would roll in late afternoon and that I would have all day to clean, and pull out the hideabeds and wash sheets.  Turns out, not only was Truck 1 in attendance but Truck 2 was right on its heels.  So I enlisted a little help (I bribed the girls and the neighbor girl) and we ran around cleaning.  Once that was done, I went and got a massage and then the annual round of packing and preparations were underway.

It’s a little like having Christmas all over again – everyone brings food and alcohol and the meals are about twice what they need to be (there is a regular saying in camp – “We’re gonna starve” – referring to the serious volume of food they bring along).  Tonight we had Javelina cooked in red wine, onions and green chiles (so it doesn’t really taste like Javelina anymore) with Absolut Ruby Red & Cranberry martinis, Chocolate Amaretto cheesecake, nuts, cookies, pretzels, sausage and cheese.  We opened presents, and the girls put on a puppet show.  Everyone played with their new toys and now they are settling down while watching Phil’s Elk Video. 

I wasn’t ready, but time waits for no man – and turns out, it won’t wait for me either.  And in spite of my concerns, it has been a wonderful and very full day. 

Tomorrow, after some serious coffee consumption, I will kick them all out, clean up behind them, and then the girls and I will cruise out to camp so they can wait on us a little.  I am glad they let us crash their man camp for one night a year – and especially the last night of the year.  It seems right to spend it under the stars, around a campfire, watching the flames burn the bad days of the past year and flash visions of the bright days to come. 

Happy New Year.

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