Who’s on first?

And more important, WHERE is first?  Andra had her first baseball practice Saturday, and it was pretty clear that she was new to the game.  She kept putting her glove on the wrong hand, she sat in the outfield, and when they told her to throw to first there was just a blank look on her face. 

I realized if she wants to play baseball with a team of boys who are 9 and 10 who have played T-ball or baseball since they were 3 years old, we have a little homework to do.  Like, say, how to throw, how to catch, how to ground, how to run, what a base is, what a double play is, what out is.  She needs a bat, and white polyester pants, and cleats, and a helmet and most importantly a lot of practice. 

The good news is, that thankfully, she is Andra.  She isn’t afraid, she isn’t intimidated, and she didn’t get discouraged.  When I told her she would be playing on a team with one girl and 10 boys, she said “So?”  After practice she was excited, and making plans to practice and had a list in her head of what she needed to do.  The coaches and players were amazingly patient and supportive, and I think it could be a great environment.  We bought her pants, and shoes, and socks and a glove.  Daddy is tasked with buying her a bat and an equipment bag and helping her play a little catch, and hopefully, a little catch-up.

Go Diamondbacks!

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  1. Aunt Jane says:

    I loved this because it brought back memories of when Jennie first played T ball when she was young. I remember some little dude hitting the ball and everyone yelling for him to run to first. He had no idea what they were talking about and ran right over first and into the outfield. It was a teachable moment for the young instructors…to say the least!

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