Itch. Itch. Bark. Bark.

It seems like all that dratted hypochondria is catching up with Grace.  Last week it was the dreaded pink eye call of no escape.  Right on its heels was a wicked cough.  Of course, list most times, it took me until last night to think “What a terrible cough.  It sounds like a bark…”  Aha!  The kid has something that sure resembles croup.

As we were snuggling after steaming, Grace was holding Sugar, and gave us a little story.

“Under this fur, there is some skin.
Under this skin, there are some strong bones.
Under the strong bones, there is a heart.
And in that heart, there is some love.”

So we are spending the day snuggled under down blankets, getting Sugar love, and waiting for that virus to pack up and move on.  Of course, a good friend of mine always insists that you can’t get rid of your sick unless you give it to someone else.  Since I am the only one around, it sure doesn’t bode well for me…

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