Can’t help myself – again.

Today, I went to the lady who loves hairspray and asked her to do this.

Due to my face shape, I am at great risk of this:

   or even this:    Premiere: David Spade at the Hollywood premiere of Columbia's Joe Dirt

I have had both these haircuts.  A couple times.  And apparently, I never learn.  So I asked for it again.

I am going to give it a few days before I put it up on the web, to make sure I really DON’T look like either David Spade or Shaun Cassidy.  Phil is being supportive and complimentary so far, which he didn’t do when I did this:

See more at  (This isn’t me, I am just too lazy to scan the old photo).

For the time being, I am going to stay blonde, but it appears there is just no telling what I will do next.

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1 Response to Can’t help myself – again.

  1. Jillian says:

    Come on show us what it looks like!!! And yes, stay blonde! BTW, you go to Gadabout don’t you? If so, I have a fantastic lady there who will cut you exactly what you want…no, not David Spade. 😉

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