Ah, Life.

Today, the girls and I played a little Life.  The board game.  They have changed it since we were little, and there are snappy new jobs, like Artist, Computer Consultant, and Athlete.  If you are the Computer Consultant, every time the stupid spinner gets derailed, the bank pays you $50k to fix it.  Kind of a racket if you ask me, but Grace thought it was pretty cool (she was the Computer Consultant).  You can buy houses, and stock, and there are little perks all over the place.   It seems a lot more high media entertainment than I remember, but then again, we never really played by the rules I don’t think.

A few notable previews into the future – Grace ended the game beyond bankrupt.   And crying.  Sobbing, really, that she didn’t have any children.  I commented that she had that husband she really loved (they force you to get married, but you have to get lucky to have children – kind of like life I guess).  No dice – she was despondent about the lack of pink or blue pegs behind her in the station wagon.

Andra was obsessive about paying off her debt.  At one point, she said “Mom, now I know why there are all those commercials about helping people in debt!  This feels awful!”.  She won.  Blazed through, with one sweet little boy in his car seat, and a nice bank roll. 

And then, this afternoon, in real life I went to a grown up mall, by myself and did a little grown up shopping.  And then, it started snowing.  That’s right, I tried on a navy silk summer dress with no helpers, and hell froze over.  Good thing I didn’t buy it.  Who knows what would have happened then.

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