Whoa!  Big word!  And apparently something I have none of these days.  I could blame it on baseball practices, and snow days and poetry memorization projects, but lets be honest.  It’s TV. 

First I was feeling like I was spending every moment hooked up to the computer, even when I didn’t have anything to do.  A little surfing, some catching up on work, a bit of time in the blogosphere.  I decided I was going to try a week where I didn’t sit on the computer all night.  Where I tried reading, or needlework, or cleaning.  Did I mention that my regular cleaning gal has gone awol?  Unfortunately, we are building up our tolerance – I made it weeks without sweeping, but today I broke down and scrubbed the bathrooms.  Cleaning is becoming a critical issue. Back to the lack of inspiration.  So, I was resolved.  No sitting around. 

And then, Phil brought home the first season DVDs for 24.  Never heard of it, now we can’t lay off.  We are watching as many episodes as we can cram in each evening, and you have to pay attention.  So I am not surfing, but I am sitting.  Watching TV. 

Lacking on the inspiration, but maybe feeding a little pop culture of my own.

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3 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Shelee says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Mike did the same thing to me early last year. He is the keeper of our Netflix list. So, one day he sits down with me on the couch and turns on the DVD player and this crazy music starts playing and a target with a 24 behind it shows up on the screen. I asked him what it was and he said his brother said it was good so he thought he’d check it out. I kid you not…3 HOURS later we surfaced for some nutrients (some diet coke and popcorn) only to return to the couch to watch more…24. I was AMAZED…Mike is SO no thte kind of guy to sit on the couch for any length of time, much less an afternoon. We did this for several weekends working our way through the seasons. It was crazy…we decided to take a break for a while and now we’re 2 seasons behind again. I can feel another 24 marathon coming on………

  2. jennie says:

    You are in such trouble. I started with the first season, limiting myself to watching it only when I exercised. Next thing you know, I’m working my way through season 2, then 3… all the way through season 5. It’s addicting. If I had kept my self-imposed limit to only watching it when I exercised, I would probably have worked off about 40 pounds by now.

  3. Mostly Junkie says:

    OMG! I will die. Seriously, there are FIVE? Deep breath. First thought, how did I miss 5 full seasons without even hearing it existed, second thought how will I ever accomplish anything again?

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