Jump Base, Jump Base, Come In.

Every morning when we get close to school I pick up the nearest object, whether cell phone, shoe, cd case or water bottle, and shout into it “Jump Base, Jump Base, Come In Jump Base.  I have 2 jumpers.”  Then I pause, and say “Roger that.”  Then I put down my makeshift radio and tell the girls something like “They said you are clear to jump, watch for ice crystals in the air, and bend your legs on the landing.”  When we turn into the drive I tell them to release their safety harnesses and secure their parachutes.  Then we pull up to the curb, I unlock the doors, and I yell “Go! Go! Go!” The girls open the door and pile out to start their day.  I figure if everyone did this, drop off would be a breeze. 

So today, I picked up a water thermos in the front seat, did my routine and told then to watch for those nasty ice crystals.  Andra asked “How do you know what they say if there is no one there?”  And Grace says “That is just my water bottle, it is not a radio.”  

The jig is up.  I’m not going to stop calling it in, though.  Roger that. 

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