Who says they aren’t learning.

This week from the backseat the girls decided they had to tell me about this cool TV show they watched, which generally is quite irritating.  Really, if you didn’t watch it, it isn’t any fun to hear about how great a show was.  We would all do well to remember that I suppose (this is easier for me to say now that we have finished the first season of 24, for the record I am so O.K. with the plot line if his wife Teri dies, she kind of bugs me).

However, I now have proof that TV is educational.  The conversation:

Grace: Mom, this show was so cool, and they were like one way, but then they fast forwarded to the future and the whole world was different. It was kind of like that Christmas movie (I am guessing she meant “Its a Wonderful Life”).

Andra: Grace, it wasn’t the future, it was a parallel world.

See?  Time travel.  Quantum physics. Big concepts! I didn’t understand quantum physics until I was all grown up and read “The Man Who Turned Into Himself” by David Ambrose – which I recommend.  It is short, and about the many worlds theory of quantum physics and personal relationships.  Don’t worry, its a novel, not a self help book.  Although, if you are short on time, just watch a little Disney channel. 

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