Day 2. Yee Haa (Ow). Woo Hoo (Ew).

First up, trail ride.  The country is beautiful, and the horses were good.  We had to forge a river, which got a little adrenaline going.  Jerald, the wrangler, had this habit of trick riding backwards – to check on everyone from time to time.  It was a quick fluid motion like snapping your fingers.  One moment I am looking at Jerald’s back and – bam! He’s looking at me.  Here he is checking that we all made it across the river.   

Afternoon – Bass Fishing.  My first reaction as we flew at 65 across the lake was “Oh My God, we have got to get us one of these!”  Don’t tell Phil, but flying across the lake with the wind in your face (I was in what Chad called the G-Force Seat) holding on to your hat and your eyeballs was fun.  FUN.  We fished for a long time, in spite of the fact that there is currently a near complete fish kill in the lake (damned golden algae).    Lucky for me, when Chad caught the only living fish, he let me reel it in.  Don’t worry, we threw it back.  Unfortunately, it was hard to decide if that was the most merciful end in a dead lake.  Here is the (un?)lucky fella.

Evening program 1 – wine tasting.  Evaluation – A+.  Evening program 2 – BINGO!  Nothing is more amusing than watching grown women play bingo.  Everyone had a plan (“Let’s do an X!” “How about postage stamp?”).  Several people had concerns with fairness (“She just picked from the wrong table!  Excuse me – she just took a prize from the wrong table!  I don’t understand that” “You didn’t win that, did you?  What are you doing?  You need to win that.”)  Jane and I cleaned up, in the end.  T shirts, hats, backpacks.  All good.  Evening program 3 – Cowboy music.  Evaluation – more wine needed. Because I am middle aged, I was tired, so we cut out at the intermission and went to bed.

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