Day 3. Why don’t I own some kind of boat?

Today, Jane and I got to paddle and kayak together (I could specify that Jane is my aunt – and we did the same things yesterday, just not in the same order and not together).  Jane is much better at the whole thing than I am, but it was loads of fun.  The weather was gorgeous, the people were great and we got to try 3 or 4 different types of watercraft.  It made me feel like I was at summer camp splashing around.  I think if we rig it right, we could just strap one of those little personal kayaks on the top of the camper.  We could own two boats, right?

Here is Jane in the great blue, next to the big red cliffs that were bright green with lichen.

Overall, it was loads of fun meeting so many people (mostly women) who are smart, passionate, and not afraid to try something completely different from what they do every day.  I would definitely do it again. 

So in summary, I rode a horse, paddled a kayak, flew across a lake on a bass boat, reeled in a fish, sang cowboy songs, hiked to petroglyphs, learned to call in coyotes and met some fabulous women.  What did you do this weekend?

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1 Response to Day 3. Why don’t I own some kind of boat?

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    I did pretty much what you did this weekend…and it was lots of fun. Thanks for including me!

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