A Little (Late) Love

Well, I win the jackpot for most un-romantic valentines day celebration perpetrator.  I scheduled a meeting out of town not realizing that it was Valentine’s day.  Of course, that means not only did I forsake my family, but the families of all the other people who had to travel for the meeting too.  I did offer to cancel it, but with things as crazy as they have been lately, we just had to move forward.

At home, we were prepared.  Grace addressed all her Valentine’s over the weekend, and attached a small piece of candy to each of them.  Andra hand made all her valentines – and she wrote the sweetest and most insightful notes to all her classmates.  I got them Valentines shirts to wear, and left a little love note for Phil on the pillow.  I made heart shaped pancakes, dropped valentines to my out of town family in the mail, and hopped a ride to New Mexico. 

I will say, that it was absolutely beautiful on the way with light snow flurries.  Bad news?  I left my coat at home.  I did make reservations at the nicest restaurant in Silver City.  Bad news?  My date was the Vanguard education rep.  Don’t get me wrong, he was nice, but the last time I ate there was 15 years ago, on my honeymoon with Phil.  I did end the day with a call to all my little Valentine’s at home, and turns out, they all had a great day (they’re growing up!).

So, to you, happy day after Valentine’s day – hope you got a Valentine you will keep for more than a day or two, and got some good love sometime during the day.

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