Vegas, Part Deux

The first time we went to Vegas, Phil and I went with Phil’s brother.  From the moment we got there (after I took off the white T shirt that Del Taco take out ruined on the drive from LA) we drank way too much.  We smoked.  We shopped/golfed (girl/boys).  We stayed out all night gambling, and going to inappropriate shows and unmentionable clubs with under clothed “servers”.   I have already said too much (but the indiscretion was needed for comparison here) and it was very, very Vegas.  After we left Phil’s brother at the airport, he met a girl in the bar, got bumped from his flight with a travel voucher, meal voucher, and free hotel stay, called the girl for a date and then hit the jackpot with his last $2 in the slots.  Very, very, Vegas.

Last weekend, I guess time’s progress was obvious.  I can tell you everything, and put you to sleep faster than I fell asleep on the crosstown bus after dinner at the Mandalay Bay.  I had 2 drinks all weekend, and criminally, i paid for both.  I played the big Wheel of Fortune new slots with the spinning wheel (go Boris!), ate steak at every meal and slept.  Including the little nap on the bus.  I did manage to see Shira for breakfast, and read an entire 400 page book that has been on my book shelf for months (My Sisters Keeper), but really, I guess I am looking for my weekends to help me recover, not force me into recovery.  Damned old age.

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