Before? or After?

When we first were living together (hold your disapproval), like so many couples, our furniture was a mess.  It was hand me downs from someone else’s hand me downs.  We had this couch that we called the Vampire Couch, because if you sat on it, it would sink its teeth into you and you were doomed.  You were catatonic, and unable to get up and function because it was so cushy.  Somehow, it just sucked the energy out of you.  It may have been because it was so ugly.  It was that old green floral print from ancient days – probably even the 70s. 

I was too cheap/poor to be able to afford slip covers, so I went to the bulk fabric store and bought green chintz (yea, it was the 80s still) and made slip covers.  Badly I might add. 

When we got married, we got a new sleeper sofa in the greatest new pastel Indian blanket pattern.  It was such a step up, and so versatile and practical.  And NEW! Over the years, all our cats – Buck, Mona, Ben and Frank – have taken a crack at it.  The stuffing was exploding out the side.  Grace used to try to eat it.  Both girls have thrown up on the couch, and it has nail polish, and soup, and juice and heaven only knows what else adding to the pattern.  It has had floral slip covers.  And solid slip covers.  And somewhere a year or so back I just got tired of the slipcovers and took them off. 

Like most things you see everyday, I just stopped seeing how hideous the beast was.  So a few months ago when I was talking to Amy about maybe getting a new couch her comment was “PLEASE!  Put your furniture out of its misery!  People who don’t know you really don’t get why you still have that couch.”

She was right.  It was 15 years old.  And tired.  So we dragged it down to the Goodwill today so it can be someone else’s Vampire couch.

Here it was, may it rest in peace:

And here is what we are sitting on now.  It doesn’t know what it has coming, poor thing… 

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6 Responses to Before? or After?

  1. jennie says:

    Congratulations! We just found homes for two couches that came with our house, one a vampire couch (probably from the 70’s) and the other so old I think it may have been stuffed with horse hair. We have yet to find a replacement and I’m afraid that the nest of pillows and blankets that the kids made may be there so long that they’ll soon need slipcovers. You may need to ship some of your old ones up here.Love the new king size ottoman.

  2. Jacki says:

    Yeah! Its bea-oootiful!

  3. RussFilms says:

    Greetings from Moldova!

  4. fantasy says:

    And we still have very cold ((((

  5. nerieltors says:

    Greetings from Moldova!

  6. Benflower says:

    I can not find a feedback form. How can I contact the owner of the site?

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