Na Na Na Na Na Na, You say its your birthday…

As far as I remember, I spent most of my childhood following Julie around.  I wanted to go where she went, and I think she made all my friends for me.  She cut my hair and she picked my outfits.  She was always SO cool.  She had the cutest boyfriends, and I had full permission to tag along with my favorites because my parents made me chaperone (although I am sure it felt more like torture to have me always on hand). 


In fact, it continued into our adult years, where all the people in her office thought I was dating Ryan since we seemed to get along so well at happy hour (really, we just knew each other, and tried not to let on that Julie and Ryan were dating so we looked a little chummy, I guess).  Then, I signed on the bride line on her marriage license – what kind of nutcase officiant has the witness sign first? 


Acknowledging all that, this is my favorite picture of Julie and I.  Before she had too much time to be bitter that I usurped her spot as the baby.  Before I cut the hair off her Barbie dolls.  Before I mercilessly followed her around.  Before I copied her outfits and style.  Before I married her husband.  And look – it could be the only time she was following me!


Happy Birthday Julie – Thanks for being my big sister.  It must have been hard to get behind me to hold me up when I was always on your heels.  I’m glad you found a way.

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1 Response to Na Na Na Na Na Na, You say its your birthday…

  1. jennie says:

    Happy birthday, Julia! I hope Jenine doesn’t blow out your candle and eat all of your cake.

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