The Magic of Candlelight

I have a theory that people behave better when there is candlelight.  At least, I believe that is true for my children.  But just in case, we went with 8 candles on the table for Julie’s birthday this weekend.    And everyone was very well behaved (at least as much as could be expected).

Julie commented that I should take a page from Jennie, and feature an “on the table tonight” because dinner was smashing.  We had this mustard and red grape chicken, with parmesan risotto, a green salad, and the piece de resistance – Aunt Hilda’s popcorn cake.  Popcorn, Marshmallow, M&Ms and Almonds.  You should have come over!


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2 Responses to The Magic of Candlelight

  1. Jill says:

    They behave better right up until they start dipping their fingers in the wax and then leave wax droppings all over the house.

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    Yea, well I am a slovenly housekeeper, so as long as no one is yelling I can overlook a little wax on the carpet. 🙂

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